The Butterflies of Jambi Sumatra, Indonesia: An EFForTS Field Guides
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The Butterflies of Jambi Sumatra, Indonesia: An EFForTS Field Guides

31 Desember 2021  |  Buku

Planet Earth hosts an astonishing degree of biodiversity, spread across the globe. Much of this biodiversity is still unknown to science and remains poorly documented, like butterflies. As an insect facing rapid species loss and population declines due to habitat conversion and climate change, the need to document butteries has become more urgent than ever. Butteries of Jambi contains names, occurrence data and images of almost 200 buttery species found in rainforest and three agroforest systems Jambi Province, central Sumatra.
This book is an excellent starting point for researchers, forest managers and private enthusiasts interested in the butteries of Southeast Asia in general, and Sumatra in particular. It can also be used by students and scientists as an inspiration on how to study butteries taxonomically and ecologically. Overall, this book oers an up-close, scientic view on one of the most attractive and extraordinary insects on planet Earth.


Copyeditor Noviastuti Putri Indrasari & Kresentia Madina Jelangdeka
Proofreader : Sarwendah Puspita Dewi
Layouter : Erna Rumbiati & Meita Safitri
Cover designer  : Meita Safitri
Registrasi : ISBN 978-602-496-269-2 (printed); 978-602-496-270-8 (e-book)
Halaman : x page + 105 page
Dimensi : A4 (21 × 29 cm)

©2021 Ecological and Socioeconomic Functions of Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems (EFForTS)


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